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(Note:  Public view documents are free to use and download under the Creative Commons Attribution- Non Commercial – ShareAlike license. Some resources are restricted to only Coordinators, Nerve Center Team, Advisory Group)  

 Latest additions: 1) Molecule Brief 31: Molnupiravir (Ver 8 Dec  2020), 2) Clinical Trials Update: Outcomes from Interventional Studies for Key Drugs Studied by TFORD (30 Nov 2020)

            • Heat map 2: Patent Position  (Credits: Dr Vidula Walimbe & Gnanlex team)

            • Heat map 3: Clinical Trials Reported —  Heat Map PDF document |  Google Sheet (26 April 2020) 
                  • Summary Chart for Clinical Trials with published results (pdf)


            • Heat map 5: Selected medicinal herbs, status of CTs in India and selected major Indian manufacturers/ suppliers