(5 April 2020) Suggest your drug candidate here

You can suggest a drug candidate against COVID19 here. Note that this is a public forum and not a confidential forum.

It will help if your provide the following information:

  • The drug candidate
  • What is known about the drug including any references
  • Why you think this can be a suitable drug candidate against COVID19 and any references for the same
  • Your name and contact info

Kindly do not share any confidential information. We do not take any responsibility for confidential information.

2 thoughts on “(5 April 2020) Suggest your drug candidate here

  1. Sridhar Kunchala says:

    We have a porphyrin and Chlorin based photodynamic molecules originally designed for cancer therapy. We have completed animal studies and patented/ published the results. Based on a recent computational study that show corona viral proteins binding to porphyrin and affecting heme metabolism, I hypothesise that these molecules can be used to effectively trap virus and photodynamically kill virus instantly. All we need is some group to demonstrate viral binding to the molecules and photodynamic viral damage. We can combine our experience and expertise out of the box idea. Exploring the potential of photodynamic molecules in anti viral therapy can Be fear changing

    • Premnath V says:

      Dear Sridhar

      We have been having several requests from people who have leads from computation. No doubt they are valuable. But teh TFORD is not able to focus on these at these at this time. We are focussing on repurposing for now.

      That said, we are trying to identify and create a network of people who you could possibly associate with. If all goes well, in a weeks time, we will put out some of these on our site. In the meantime, you can apply for funding programs and see if those funding programs can help connect you to people who can carry out studies along with you.

      TFORD-COVID19-India team

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