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NCL Innovations

History of Technology at NCL

2000 - Present

  • NCL marks the Golden Jubilee of its founding on January 3, 2000.
  • Several service oriented activities at NCL are designated as Resource Centers. A new Resource Center called the “NCL Innovations” is created to promote synergistic and productive relationship between business enterprises and NCL with a clear focus on innovation and technology development for value creation.
  • NCL floats a company under Section 25 of the Companies Act called “Entrepreneurship Development Center” to manage a technology business incubator. A separate 25 acres campus to house the NCL Innovations as well as the Entrepreneurship Development Center is developed which includes offices, lecture rooms, library, cafeteria and ready to use modular laboratories.
  • NCL forges strong public private partnership in the areas utilization of waste agricultural biomass as a resource for fuels, chemicals and materials for a fossil fuel deficit world and R&D in the area alternative energy sources ( Fuel cells).
  • NCL successfully transfers several technologies from the laboratory to industry. These include, proprietary processes for the manufacture of THPE, ATBS, epichlorohydrin, recovery of cellulose from bio-mass and chiral active pharmaceutical intermediates.