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NCL Innovations

Honors and recognitions
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Year Honor/ recognition (Awardees) News links
2015 NCL scientist Dr. D. Srinivas and his team have been selected to receive the prestigious CSIR Technology Award-2015 in the category of "Physical Sciences including Engineering" for the technology "Solid Catalyst and continuous process for biodiesel."  
2013 NCL Innovations and Business Development Division win CSIR Technology Award for Business Development and Technology Marketing, 2013 NCL Innovations Press ; Release; CSIR News; Website :CSIR News
2010 NCL Scientist, Dr. Absar Ahmad, receives the VASVIK Award in the area of Biological Sciences & Technology for his significant contribution to Nanoscience & Nanotechnology NCL
2010 NCL Scientist, Dr. A. J. Varma receives the VASVIK Award in the area of Chemical Sciences and Technology for his pioneering contributions to the area of cellulose chemistry and chemistry of biodegradable polymers. NCL
2009 NCL among winners of CSIR Award for S&T Innovations for Rural Development Chemical Weekly; TOI; NCL; Pune Mirror; PIB Press release; Chemical Business; IE; Maharashtra Herald; TOI; Sakal; IE
2009 NCL scientist, Dr. Prashant Barve, receives VASVIK Award for his contributions to Chemical Sciences and Technology Pune Mirror; Chemical Weekly; NCL; Chemical Business; Sakal Times; TOI
2008 Dr. S. Sivaram, Director, NCL receives the Maha-Intreprenuers Award IE
2008 Honour for NCL senior scientist Sakaal Times
2008 Dr. Mohan Dongare, NCL Scientist, gets silver medal of FICCI-Lokheed Martin Indian Innovation growth program Chemical Business; Chemical Weekly; TOI; Sakal Times; IE; NCL
2005 Dr. A. A. Natu, NCL scientist, selected for the LABDHI-RDE Award IE; TOI
2003 NCL team's innovative process bags CSIR Technology Award NCL