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NCL Innovations

Technology commercialization models

We are open to discussing any model for idea creation and translation of technology ideas to viable products and services. That said, we present here some governing principles and typical models:

Typical technology development and commercialization models

NCL works with clients on a variety of technology development and commercialization models. The choice of the model depends on the following:

  • Nature of know-how, intended markets and industry scenario
  • Stage of technology readiness and stage
  • Stage at which a commercialization partner enters the technology chain
  • IPR and know-how strength and ownership position
  • Cost (risk) and benefit (reward) sharing intentions; Financial capabilities of the commercialization partner
  • Type of relationship desired/ required – transactional or partnership

Some typical models are listed below. For further details and discussion, please feel free to contact us:

Technology and IP Licensing Public-private partnerships
New business creation Technology and IP development for sponsored research partners

Governing principles and policy

Why is NCL into technology development and commercialization? We consider this the keystone of NCL’s charter.

NCL’s key objectives for technology development and commercialization are:

  1. Demonstrate utility and relevance of science done at NCL by translate laboratory science into real-world products and services with direct, noticeable impact on the people
  2. Help provide solutions for national (and global) societal and strategic problems through technology intervention.
  3. Help build and strengthen industry through technology innovation
  4. Provide new wealth and economic opportunities for the nation at large through technology innovation
  5. Help deliver financial returns from intellectual property and know-how for various stakeholder/ investors (government, industry, employees) of NCL
  6. Provide NCL employees the opportunity of experiencing satisfaction and pride in seeing their efforts in use by people (this is important for attracting high-quality, relevant talent to NCL)

While we realize that the above goals are not mutually exclusive, our over-riding priority to see laboratory science see actual use and delivering benefits to the people. Other objectives though important are secondary.