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NCL Innovations

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2016 Nobel Laureates Spotlight India's Invention Problem IndiaSpend
2013 Central Budget 2013 features NCL friendly policies, initiatives Times of India
2013 NCL scientists develop new and improved process for making biodegradable lubricant oils Sakal
2010 RIL, NCL ink pact to generate power from natural gas Financial Express
2010 NCL scientists, Dr. M.K. Dongare and Ms. Shubhangi Umbarkar win DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme (2009-10) award for their “Titanium based wonder gels for seaparation and degradation of orgainc dyes from aqueous solution” technology here
2010 NCL Scientists working with NCCS, have found that an anti-TB drug, can now be used for dealing with complications related to diabetes. IE
2010 Microbes that decide quality of Indian wine. Loksatta
2009 NCL to develop technique to produce electricity from hydrogen Lokmat
2009 NCL to develop non-silicon material for solar energy Sakal Times
2008 NCL scientists develop low-cost electrolyte for fuel cells Livemint
2008 NCL developed membrane used to provide drinking water to villages IE; NCL
2008 Efficient and Eco-friendly Catalytic Route for Producing Dialkyl Carbonates Chemical Industry Digest; Science Direct
2008 NCL joins collaborative effort to develop bio-fuels for aircraft engines in India Financial Express
2008 Focus on new technology platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs Chemical Weekly
2008 NCL to jointly develop technology for nano-curcumin pills to treat cronic ailments Sakal Times; European Journal
2008 NCL team develops chemical strategy to improve efficiency of fuel cells Nanowerk; Angewandte
2008 Materials and Energy Derived from Carbohydrates Chemical Weekly
2008 NCL develops eco-friendly process for manufacturing nitrobenzne NCL
2008 NCL scientists describe cheap hydrated clay for catalyst removal in polymerization reaction Wiley
2007 NCL scientists develop new variety of chickpea resistant to parasite IE
2007 NCL developed enzyme to process leather reduces pollution level by 60% IE
2007 NCL team synthesises nanoparticles that has potential to lead to fabrication of single electron transistor devices Wiley
2007 NCL scientists demonstrate application of cellulases for biofinishing of denims NCBI
2006 Handling energy crisis by converting methane, methanol into gasoline TOI; Angewandte
2006 NCL team uses metallurgical capabilities of a fungus to develop better memory chips The Telegraph
2006 NCL developing DNA chips for screening genetic disorders TOI; ET; Financial Express
2006 NCL scientists use tissue culture to propagate medicinally important tree Down To Earth
2006 Cell screening method for monitoring protein expression using mass spectrometry Wiley
2006 Propargyl glycosides as stable glycosyl donors Science Direct
2006 NCL develops solid catalysts for production of biodiesel and biolubricants Science Direct
2006 NCL team develops a method to obtain functional polymers from divinyl monomers JACS
2006 Beating the ferroelectricity limit in barium titanate nanoparticles JACS
2006 Synthesis of a new dicarbanionic initiator: Application for the synthesis of SBS triblock copolymers JACS; ACS Publications
2006 Faster organic reactions in water Angewandte
2006 Protein beta-sheet-like structure of acrylamide oligomers RSC Publishing
2005 Beta-secretase is a potential therapeutic target in Alzheimers Disease Advanced biotech
2005 NCL scientists tap medicinal plants for finding cures TWAS Newsletter
2005 Research in NCL on production of lactic acid from Sugarcane juice Sakal
2005 Medicine curing TB in two months is developed in India Sakal; Biospectrum
2005 NCL scientist probing potency of synthetic peptide in combating HIV TOI; J. Biol. Chem.
2005 Open-frame networks in coordinated polymers through hydrogen bonds Chemical Communications
2005 NCL develops indigenous molecular beam instrument Physical Chemistry
2004 NCL scientist develops polymer to reduce cholesterol TOI; Chromatography
2004 NCL team identifies new enzyme to fight pests TOI; ScienceDirect
2004 NCL scientists develop 5kW hydrogen fuel cell TOI; Lokmat; IE; TOI; TOI
2004 NCL team developing pest resistant crop varieties TOI; Phytochemistry
2004 New nanoprisms synthesised by NCL team could be used in treting cancer Sakal; TOI; Nature Materials
2004 Aspartic proteases inhibitors: Implications in drug development JB Chem.
2004 Tunable single electron transport in nanoparticle assembly ACS Publications
2004 Monomers for fuel cells NCL
2003 Making commonly used plastics biodegradable GoodNewsIndia; Chem. Commun.
2003 Monolayer cathodes for lithium batteries Power Sources
2003 Core-shell metallic nanoparticles JACS
2002 Chirally pure anti-hypertensive drug ET
2002 Novel route to Ibuprofen JACS
2001 Green Route to antidepressants NCL
2001 Removing noice from data CES
2001 Biosynthesis of nanoparticles using fungi Angewandte
2001 Process to recover value-added products from tamarind NCL
2001 NCL scientists develop smart polymer gels, paving way for molecular design NCL
2001 Monochlorobenzene plant commissioning and plant start-up NCL
2001 DNA markers for early sex diagnosis of papaya seedlings NCL
2001 Biomimetic formation of microcrystalline zirconia at room temperature using functionalized interface of self-assembled monolayers NCL
1994 DuPont/NCL link boosts global R&D ICIS