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NCL Innovations

NCL technologists: Profiles

This is a representative list of technologists from NCL who have seen their technology successfully reach the market. (Note: This is not a comprehensive list. Please send additions to this list to Dr Nandagopal.)

Name Technology contributions
Barve, PP ----
Gupta, V ----
Kharul, UK Water purification membranes
Kulkarni, MG Super absorbing polymers
Kulkarni, SS Water purification membranes
Lele, AK Pultruded products, Porous polyethylene
Mashelkar, RA Super absorbing polymers
Nene, S Neera preservation
Premnath, V Porous polyethylene implants, Low wear, highly cross-linked UHMWPE for total joint replacement
Ratnasamy, P Zeolite catalysts
Sivaram, S Solid state polycondensation of polycarbonates
Srinivas, D Solid state catalysts for bioglycerol value addition
Varma, AJ Hemicellulose from sugar cane baggasse
Wadgaonkar, PP ----