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TitleNovel Adhesives for Bonding Friction Materials to Clutch Discs (Automotive)
Knowhow is available forA novel adhesive composition that allows bonding friction materials to clutch discs without use of rivets, resulting in longer-lasting, cheaper, lighter clutch discs.
SummaryNCL scientists have developed a novel adhesive composition that can be used to bonding (without use of rivets) friction materials to the clutch discs. A unique formulation provides the necessary bond (lap shear) strength without compromising on the required cushioning properties for clutch applications. This would lead to a radical increase in the lifetime of the clutch discs, and also make them cheaper. [Temperature stability up to 150⁰C (exposure time~30–40 hrs); lap shear strength~10-15 Kg/cm2; cushioning~0.3-0.4 mm.]
Advantages• Adhesively bonded clutch discs fully utilize the friction material, thus reducing loss of the expensive component, and also increasing the lifetime of the clutch disc • It also leads to the overall reduction of the weight of the clutch disc • The process for preparing adhesively bonded discs are comparatively easier, cheaper

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