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TitleA cost effective process for the preparation of phosphorous ligands and their precursors (valuable intermediates in organic synthesis)
Knowhow is available forA cost effective, one reactor synthesis process for aryl phosphonates/phosphinates/phosphine oxides which are important ligand useful in organic synthesis
SummaryAryl and hetero-aryl phosphorous compounds including phosphonates, phosphinites and phosphine oxides are valuable intermediates in organic synthesis and find applications in polymer synthesis, medicinal chemistry and nucleic acid chemistry.
Conventional process for synthesis of aryl phosphorous compounds requires expensive ligands. In addition these processes need to be carried out at high temperature, are time consuming and requires more than one reactor. CSIR-NCL has developed a cost effective process that overcomes these processes for the synthesis of aryl phosphorous compounds. This process is a one pot, transition metal free reaction and can be carried out at room temperature.
Advantages- Raw materials required for process are commercially available and inexpensive
- All successive chemical reactions are carried out in one reactor
- Process can be carried out at room temperature
- The process is useful in generating chiral phosphine oxides under mild conditions that can serve as precursors to obtain novel aryl-phosphine ligands useful in organic synthesis

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