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TitleA cost effective process for the synthesis of beta, gamma-unsaturated ketones
Knowhow is available forA simple, cost effective process for the synthesis of biologically active compounds beta,gamma-unsaturated ketones useful in synthesis of fine chemicals, utilizing readily available materials
Summarybeta,gamma- unsaturated ketones, are frequently observed in natural products as well as biologically active compounds. They are also used for the synthesis of fine chemicals and other complex structures.
In view of this, CSIR-NCL has developed a simple, catalytic process for the synthesis of beta,gamma- unsaturated ketones. Synthesis of beta,gamma- unsaturated ketones is done by using readily available materials without preactivation, thus rendering the process economical.
Advantages- This process facilitates the synthesis of beta,gamma-unsaturated ketones from easily accessible materials such as allylic carbonates and aldehydes without preactivation
- This process is carried out at mild reaction conditions and has high functional group tolerance
- This process results in high yield of final product

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