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TitleAn efficient and simple process for preparation of arylsulfones (used as building block for various drugs)
Knowhow is available forA simple, one step process for the synthesis of aryl sulfones which is an important building block in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry
SummaryArylsulfones are widely used as building blocks for various drugs, such as Vioxx and Laropiprant. It has also been shown to exhibit antitumor activities and inhibit HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Considering this interest in arylsulfones, CSIR-NCL has developed simple, one step, transition metal free process for synthesis of arylsulfones. This high yielding process can be conducted at room temperature.
Advantages- This process is transition metal free and works at mild condition
- Process requires very simple reagents, no need of activated aryl compound
- The process is simple, one step and can conducted at room temperature and results in high yield of final product

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Date of upload 23 / Apr / 2014
Date of update 23 / Apr / 2014
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