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TitleInnovative and efficient flow reactor cum heat exchanger for chemical processes with improved mixing and heat transfer
Knowhow is available forA device which acts as a continuous flow reactor cum heat exchanger useful for the chemical process industry, which can be easily adapted in a quick, reconfigurable manner for enhanced mixing and heat transfer
SummaryTypically the enhancement in the inline mixing and heat transfer in straight pipes is achieved either by inserting static mixers or modifying the internal surface by creating roughness. However many times the static mixers or other alternatives are not available for all pipe sizes and they need to be inserted in the pipes. Also, the static mixers are available only in specific materials of construction and thereby limit the applicability of pipes for specific reactions having incompatible material. During the usage either for reactions or for heat transfer, the static mixer elements get blocked are become difficult to remove from the pipes. Thus, in addition to the cost of static mixers, the pipes also need to be discarded in case of problems.
These shortcomings are overcome by CSIR-NCL scientists in the form of an innovative device that helps enhance mixing and heat transfer via a novel modification. Various process requirements could be addressed by this method – presenting a flexible and adaptable solution.
Advantages- Provides a cost-effective, modular and efficient option for carrying out processes in a simple, quick and reconfigurable manner
- Does not involve high capital investment, while offering the benefit of reduced operating expenses due to improved mixing characteristics
- Retains agility and re-configurability of the continuous chemical processes with improved mixing and heat transfer ability
- Provides modularity and flexibility due to scalability of design
- Lower maintenance required

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Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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