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TitleMAGIC (Modular Agile Intensified Continuous) reactors
Knowhow is available forTechnology for adapting conventional batch processes of specialty chemicals to continuous processes leading to compact plants which have lower inventories, are intrinsically safer, have a lower environmental footprint and have consistency in product quality and better control on selectivity
SummaryProcess Intensification (PI) is broadly defined as the ability to obtain better results in terms of purity, selectivity and yield of the desired product by manipulating rates of relevant transport processes so as to enhance process performance (more throughput, better quality, less energy consumption, less waste, safer). This usually translates into a reduced cost, which has been the main driver behind PI.
CSIR-NCL scientists have a strong expertise in developing technologies that rely on PI by using novel MAGIC reactors that are modular, agile, intensified and continuous. Chemical processes using MAGIC reactors exhibit the following key characteristics and can be applied to the fine and specialty chemical industry.
Features of MAGIC reactors:
- Modular: new types of equipment and the connectors to bring out true modular capability
- Agile: the quick and easy assembling of the plant to tailor the requirements of the given chemistry; new designs to facilitate multiple products campaigns with minimum transition time and resources.
- Intensified: new types of process equipment and contacting/ mixing devices for enhancing transport rates and effective rates of chemical reactions.
- Continuous: paradigm shift from batch to continuous with different control strategies for realizing new age specialty chemical industry
Advantages- Offers the advantages of continuous processes without sacrificing the advantages of batch process, such as (like flexibility and multi‐product ability)
- Uses compact, intensified reactors
- Modular, agile and reconfigurable plants
- Reduced water foot print via water recycle and reuse
- Conduct reactions in water/benign solvents
- Reactions at intrinsic rates without any transport limitations
- Integrated processes with multi‐functional reactors/process equipment

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