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TitleA device for effective waste water treatment for effluent with high COD load, colour and ammoniacal nitrogen
Knowhow is available forA device which uses a vortex diode to effectively treat effluents from various industries, such as chemical, paper and pulp, tannery, dyes and pigments
SummaryThere are number of highly polluting industries such as textile, dyeing, tannery, paper and pulp factories that discharge large amounts of highly colored waste water. This colored waste water can severely affect photosynthetic function in aquatic life due to low light penetration and may also be toxic to some forms of aquatic life due to the presence of certain metals and chlorine. This effluent must be treated prior to discharge in order to comply with the environmental protection laws for the receiving waters.
Most of the waste water treatment technologies are efficient in COD reduction but inefficient in waste water color removal.
To address above mentioned problem CSIR-NCL has developed a novel, innovative device which uses vortex diode for effective treatment of effluent generated by these industries.
Advantages- A vortex diode-based device that significantly enhances rate of reactions and effectiveness of waste water treatment
- Device reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), ammoniacal nitrogen and color of effluent water effectively
- Can effectively reduce organic load in downstream treatment
- Reduced processing time

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Database record number 20140306103632
Date of upload 7 / Mar / 2014
Date of update 10 / Mar / 2014
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