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TitleA cost effective process for manufacture of Yellow 11, an industrial dye with uniform color tone for textile and printing industry
Knowhow is available forAn economical, single step process for synthesis of Yellow 11 (Y-11) dye with on-line UV monitoring system to ensure color uniformity and consistency
SummaryY-11 is an industrial dye having applications in textile, printing etc. Conventionally Y-11 is synthesized by batch process as well as continuous process, however both the methods have limitations as it involves a two-step process with resultant product which is inconsistent in color tone, rendering it uneconomical and lack of control of various process parameters in precise manner. Uniformity and consistency in colour tone of the dye is of immense importance, since the colour tone uniformity determines the quality of applications where the yellow dye may be used.
To address above mentioned problem CSIR-NCL has developed single step process for synthesis of Y-11 dye with consistent color tone, which relies on an online analytical method (based on UV monitoring) to determine the end point of the reaction and hence enables precise control of the process.
Advantages- Process is suitable for synthesis of Y-11 in batch as well as continuous process
- This process results in uniform color tone of Y-11 dye using UV online monitoring system
- Easy to maintain identical inlet composition
- Energy efficient processes: uses energy generated in the reaction of the acid and alkali

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