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TitleSingle step process for making high-value chemicals like xylose and arabinose from hemicellulose
Knowhow is available forImproved single step hydrolytic process for generating high value chemicals such as xylose and arabinose from hemicellulose
SummaryNCL scientists have developed a one pot, single step hydrolytic process for conversion of hemicellulose to xylose and arabinose. The process operates under milder reaction conditions (pressure range of 1-70 bar and reactor temperature of 50-250 ̊C).
Advantages• Raw material (hemicellulose) used is cheap, easily available, and is derived from non-edible sources • The product-catalyst separation can be done by simple filtration (heterogenous solid acid catalyst used is insoluble in the reaction medium, whereas the products are soluble) • The process is anti corrosive and environment friendly since water is the reaction medium and process operates at a neutral pH • Cost effective due to the reaction being non-corrosive in nature and hence industrially applicable

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