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TitleModified Porous Polymers with Enhanced Biocompatibility for Implants and Tissue Engineering Applications
Knowhow is available forSurface modified porous polyethylene biomaterial which promotes cell growth and prevents microbial infections for applications in biomedical implants and tissue engineering.
SummaryA novel surface modification process developed by NCL scientists resulted in a pPE biomaterial that promotes cell growth in implants and increases its compatibility in the body. This novel material provides sustained anti-microbial action which helps in reducing the risk of infection development. This material can also function as a reservoir and can be used in making implants with drug eluting features.
Advantages• This novel biomaterial promotes cell growth. • Biomedical implants made from this material have increased compatibility in the body. • Anti-microbial action of this biomaterial reduces risk of infection and implant rejection. • This material functions as a reservoir and can be used for making drug eluting implants.

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