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TitleLow energy consuming novel impeller for stirred tank reactors
Knowhow is available forA novel impeller that completely covers the stirred tank reactor causing uniform mixing with less power consumption
SummaryThe impeller developed by NCL scientists is designed to cover the STR, offer low shear and provide uniform mixing, with relatively less energy consumption. This unique design also helps generate necessary flow even in the regions close to the tank floor. The impeller design achieves all this; yet occupies very little volume.
Advantages• Aids in reducing non-uniformities/ develop a uniform randomness throughout the tank • Power number of our impeller is relatively low (more efficient) as compared to other standard impellers due to the uniform structure that helps maintain similarity in the flow, making energy distribution uniform • Wake formation is almost zero behind the blades, reducing the drag and hence the power consumption • Results in low shear rate, necessary for the shear sensitive media

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Database record number 20131003021146
Date of upload 3 / Oct / 2013
Date of update 4 / Oct / 2013
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