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TitleProcess yielding high value fuel additives (octane enhancers) from lignin
Knowhow is available forEfficient process for the depolymerization of lignin to produce substituted phenolic monomer compounds that are further converted to fuel additives
SummaryNCL scientists have developed an efficient 2 step process for depolymerization of lignin to substituted phenolic monomer compounds which could be further processed for use as high value fuels/additives. The process operates under milder reaction conditions (temperature range of 215- 250 ̊C). The reaction time is of 5 mins to 2 hrs. Product yield is >25%.
Advantages• Yields fuel additives from a renewable source • Milder reactions due to the solid acid catalyst used- work under 270 ̊ C • Process is more environmentally friendly than the conventional processes due to the recyclable catalysts • This process results in very little loss of the products in the form of gas or due to degradation

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