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TitleA single-step process for the preparation of highly pure alkyl esters used in making lactic acid, poly lactic acid
Knowhow is available forA single-step process for preparation of highly pure alkyl esters, which is used in the manufacture of lactic acid and further to poly lactic acid – both with wide industrial and commercial applications
SummaryNCL’s process uses alkali metal carboxylate salts to convert to its respective pure alkyl esters by a single, direct esterification step. Alkali metal salts used are prepared from natural sources. This process results in alkyl esters of very high purity (99.5-99.8%). The use of mineral acid is eliminated in this process – hence, no undesired sulfate side products are generated. The resulting methyl lactate can be hydrolyzed to get pure lactic acid.
Advantages• The products are of extremely high purity • Pollution free process (by avoiding sulfate side-products) • The byproducts (the corresponding carbonate salts) and the un-reacted carbon dioxide and alcohol can be recycled and reused in the process again –hence reducing cost

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