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TitleSlow release hydrogel system for nutrient delivery to recombinant cell lines
Knowhow is available forSlow release polymer hydrogel system to feed nutrients to cell lines for optimal selection of high protein yielding recombinant cell lines
SummaryPolymer hydrogel mentioned can be used for slow/extended release (ranging over a period of 2-3 days to about 2 weeks) of nutrients to desired levels that can mimic fed batch conditions and hence used to identify more reliable clones and reducing the chance of failure at large-scale culture stage. These hydrogels could be used to release various nutrients like glucose, peptides, amino acids, nucleotides, etc.
Advantages• Nutrients of differing molecular weights (even lower) can be administered with controlled/slow/continuous release profiles • A short 2 step formation procedure • Non- cytotoxic; does not affect cell growth • Sterilizable by gamma irradiation • Usage leads to more reliable clone identification and less chance of failure at large scale culture stage

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Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Date of upload 3 / Oct / 2013
Date of update 4 / Oct / 2013
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