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TitleProcess for the continuous flow synthesis of beta-amino crotonate (for use in anti-hypertensive drugs)
Knowhow is available forA process for continuous flow synthesis of >99.98% pure beta- amino crotonates which are intermediates to calcium channel blockers (anti-hypertensive drugs)
SummaryA novel production process for beta-amino crotonate using a continuous mode reactor, with reduced reaction time, yet resulting in higher yield (>93%) and high-purity end-product (>99.98%). The process can be catalytic or catalysis- free : used to produce beta-amino crotonate and its analogues.
Advantages-Catalytic as well as catalysis-free, continuous process
-Beta amino crotonate yielded is of high purity-process provides better control on product profile
- Reduced reaction time
- Can be prepared from a variety of amines and beta keto esters

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Date of upload 30 / Sep / 2013
Date of update 19 / Feb / 2014
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