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TitleA novel process for making monomer used in producing Polybenzimidazole (PBI) - a specialty/engineering polymer
Knowhow is available forA process for production of high yielding, very pure 3,3,4,4 - Tetraamino biphenyl (TAB) monomers, which are used for preparing polybenzimidazole (PBI) polymers.
SummaryNCL scientists have developed a novel process for the preparation of highly pure TAB monomer, having large yields. The raw materials used are non-carcinogenic, unlike what the conventional methods use (e.g., benzidine). The reactions can be carried out at milder temperature (<100 °C) and pressure (250 psig). New, efficient and renewable catalysts for this process have also been developed. TAB monomer produced by this method does not contain any copper contaminants and no by-products are formed.
Advantages- The purity of TAB is greater than 98% - The raw materials used in this process are non-carcinogenic and cheap - Copper and its salts are not formed along with TAB, making TAB obtained highly pure - The reaction conditions are less harsh as compared to the currently available processes (lower temperatures and pressures hence lower production costs)

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