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TitleContinuous flow synthesis of sulphoxide compounds for use in drug formulations
Knowhow is available forA process for continuous flow synthesis of pharmaceutically important sulphoxide compounds (used as Proton Pump Inhibitors- used in treating gastric disorders) with very less reaction time and easy scalability
SummarySynthesis of sulphoxide compounds with reaction times of less than 1 minute. The reaction results in over 90% conversion and over 95% selectivity towards the target sulphoxide compounds (with less than 5% formation of undesired sulphone compounds)
Advantages-Process capable of easy scale up
-Results in high yield of the product with 95% of selectivity towards the sulphoxide compounds
-Conversion rate is > 90%
-The process provides an alternative solvent (to chloroform, which is a volatile solvent that evaporates at room temperature and changes the reaction mass)

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Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Database record number 20130930122407
Date of upload 30 / Sep / 2013
Date of update 19 / Feb / 2014
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