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TitleInjectable biodegradable gels with hydrophobic pockets/cavity for delivery of drugs
Knowhow is available forInjectable, biodegradable, polymer hydrogel (that cross links in-situ) with one or more hydrophobic cavities which can be used to deliver drugs, with the desired release profile - having various biomedical applications
SummaryThe hydrogel developed by NCL scientists can be in situ crosslinked (which makes it suitable for injectable systems), with one or more hydrophobic pocket(s) which can be used to deliver desired drugs with desired release profile (gelation time- 1 to 30 minutes; degradation time- 1- 30 days; storage modulus from 5-110 Kpas). It comprises of a polymer backbone, a hydrophobic pocket (moiety being triclosan) and a water soluble cross linker (paclitaxel solubilized in alpha tocopherol)
Advantages• Overcome the barrier of surgical implantation • Does not require solvents as other biodegradable polymers might require which are harmful to the human body/some drugs may become inactive on coming in contact with the solvent • In drug delivery applications, drugs can be loaded in the hydrophobic pockets present in the gels • Provides precise control over the chain length, sequence and 3D arrangement of the polymer networks in the gels - hence prevents side reactions caused which may influence their performance

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