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TitleSelf standing nanoparticle networks/scaffolds with applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering, catalysis etc
Knowhow is available forA novel process of preparing self standing nano particle networks with adjustable mesh size, prepared from various materials and having a wide variety of applications. The pore size ranges from nano to micro porous (500nm to 1mm) and is very precisely controllable
SummaryA novel process of preparing self standing, crosslinked networks (scaffolds) of nanoparticles from commonly available materials as metallic, inorganic, semi conducting and magnetic particles, organic and polymeric compounds. The scaffolds have controllable mesh size and pore size can range from nano to micro porous. The particle volume fraction is between 0.5 to 50%.
Advantages• Generic production procedure • Can be formed in to ordered, structured phase, lamellar, spongy, cubic- preferably hexagonal network • Has a precisely controllable directionality and pore size can range from 500 nm to 1 mm

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Scientific/ engineering subject areas Chemical sciences & engineering ; Life sciences/ biosciences & engineering
Investor interest categories Materials Technology including Nanotechnology ; Biotechnology/ Biomedical/ Health Technologies
Industries Medical Biotechnology, Biomed Products, Medical Healthcare, Diagnostics ; Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Formulations Others
Customer categories and nature of business Businesses and other industries (B2B) ; Others
Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Date of upload 30 / Sep / 2013
Date of update 4 / Oct / 2013
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