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TitleA New method to synthesize anti malarial drug and its analogues called Flinderoles
Knowhow is available forA simple and efficient procedure for the chemical synthesis of otherwise naturally derived compound called flinderole and its analogues, which can be used to prepare drugs against multiply resistant strains of the malarial parasite, plasmodium falciparum. The process will enable the user to produce the compounds in commercial quantities.
SummaryRecently it has been discovered that naturally derived compounds called flinderoles show impressive anti-malarial activity. NCL scientists have developed a novel method for synthesizing flinderole analogues using a fully synthetic route (total synthesis) which has an overall yield of 17.2%. The process developed will enable to produce these anti-malarial compounds in commercial quantities.
Advantages• Potentially could be used to treat drug resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum • A simple and efficient process • The process developed results in high yields (17%) of flinderole analogues. • The process is useful for the production of commercial quantities of these compounds

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Date of upload 30 / Sep / 2013
Date of update 4 / Oct / 2013
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