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TitleA library of new small molecules that could be used as anticancer, antiviral drugs
Knowhow is available forA synthetic routine that allows one to manipulate the substrate flexibility at the final/penultimate steps- yielding a small library of modified nucleosides without the need for synthesising every compound from the beginning, and hence siginificantly reducing drug development time and costs.
SummaryNCL’s technology provides a strategy that allows synthesizing spironucleosides with enormous flexibility to modulate the substituents and properties of the resulting compounds at the final/penultimate steps. The provision to manipulate the substrate flexibility allows this approach to yield a small library of modified nucleosides without synthesizing every compound from the beginning.
Advantages• Cycloaddition process used is of high synthetic efficiency • These libraries significantly reduce drug development time and efforts • Good yield in the presence of the recommended catalysts • Easy and flexible penultimate bicycloannulation step involved

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Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Database record number 20130929113120
Date of upload 30 / Sep / 2013
Date of update 4 / Oct / 2013
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