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TitleBiomaterials from Regenerated Silk Fibroin - with applicaitons in tissue engineering, drug delivery, cosmetics etc.
Knowhow is available forVarious novel methods for producing 3D porous biomaterials from regenerated silk fibroin (RSF) – which has wide ranging applications in tissue engineering, wound healing bandages, drug delivery, cosmetic applications etc
SummaryNCL scientists have developed various processes for producing 3D porous biomaterials from regenerated silk fibroin (RSF). Our process for the accelerated gelation of RSF- resulting in a porous structure lowers the gelation time to a few hours instead of several days. The protein concentration can be between 0.1- 40%. It works in a broad pH range of 5 – 7.5, within temperatures ranging from 20-70˚C. Another process using electrospinning of RSF from an aqueous solution, forms 3D porous structures (like non-woven mats) which have various biomedical applications. Surface modification of such biomaterials for improved performance is currently under progress.
Advantages• Free of microbial growth (superior performance of implants, lower toxicity) • Shorter gelation time opens-up the potential spectrum of applications of the materials developed using this method • Process is cheaper and faster (aqueous solution used instead of organic solvent- eliminates several intermediate steps) • Implant that could be reproduced with great consistency and quality • Wide range of pore sizes: 1-10 microns

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