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TitleMembranes for gas/liquid separation
Knowhow is available forThin film composite membranes that are used for gas separation, pervaporation (dehydration of organics) and aroma recovery. Uses include producing oxygen enriched air for medical applications and other medical and industrial applications
SummaryA method for preparation of aromatic polyester based membranes from readily available raw materials by conventional methods, with high yield is described. These membranes can be used for separating various gases (e.g., hydrogen from methane, helium from nitrogen, oxygen from nitrogen etc.) A method for preparation of PDMS based thin film composite membranes that can be used for pervaporation/perstraction.
AdvantagesGas separation membranes • Made from readily available raw materials, conventional methods of preparation (low cost), with high yield • Can be easily processed (the polymers used are soluble in common solvents) • Possess a very good combination of gas selectivity and permeability • Very stable at high temperatures Pervaporation( alcohol dehydration, aroma recovery) /Perstraction (recovery of nonvolatile acids) membranes • High fluxes, high selectivity • Operational simplicity • Low energy requirements

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