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TitlePolyurethane (PU) microspheres/ microcapsules
Knowhow is available forSpherical PU microspheres of uniform shape and size used in getting a film of uniform thickness without any defects or fat edges with applications in coatings, paints, powder coating/molding. PU microcapsules that can encapsulate any chemical of interest, that could be later released when required.
SummaryA novel process for preparation of polyurethane microspheres of uniform shape, a narrow particle size distribution, size ranging from 1 to 100 micron and molecular weight ranging from 200-2000. The yield is as high as ~60-85%. A process for the preparation of polyurethane microcapsules that can encapsulate any chemical of interest, that could be later released when required. For ex.: biocides, pesticides, anti-microbial agents, disinfectants, etc.
AdvantagesMicrospheres -Produces a film or coating of uniform thickness without defects or fat edges -Narrow particle size distribution -Superior appearance (smoothness, uniform coating thickness) Microcapsules -Reduce the environmental/mammalian toxicity otherwise caused -Controlled Release by microcapsules extends the activity of the agent - increases effective delivery, and longer life

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Scientific/ engineering subject areas Chemical sciences & engineering ; Life sciences/ biosciences & engineering
Investor interest categories Materials Technology including Nanotechnology ; Biotechnology/ Biomedical/ Health Technologies
Industries Polymers, Plastics, Elastomers, Fibers, Adhesives, Paints, Specialty Polymers, Natural Polymers, Fibers and Leather ; Agriculture, Agro-biotech, Agro-products, Fertilizers, Food processing & Secondary Agriculture
Customer categories and nature of business Businesses and other industries (B2B) ; Others
Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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