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TitleMembrane purification of Palm Sap (Neera)
Knowhow is available forA process for enhancement of shelf life of palm sap by using polymeric membranes to remove microbes and impurities
SummaryPolymeric membranes are used to purify/clarify palm sap (Neera). -The resulting palm sap is visibly better, without turbidity, is free of bacteria and yeast (that cause fermentation) -Can be achieved without loss of nutrients, and without any use of chemical additives/bio-preservatives. -The purified palm sap has a shelf life of up to 6 months
Advantages-Natural drink- from a widely available source -It has been shown conclusively that Neera is a nutritive and a body coolant -Nutritive: contains protein, natural sugars, iron, phosphorus, calcium, ascorbic acid, riboflavin and thiamine -Cheap, affordable drink that could be made available throughout the year, and around the country (in its purified form) -No refrigeration needed for packaged/purified Neera

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Date of upload 15 / Mar / 2013
Date of update 25 / Jul / 2013
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