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TitleBallast Water Treatment
Knowhow is available forA mechanical process (based on hydrodynamic cavitation) which can be used to kill micro-organisms and purify ballast water released from ships/ to produce drinking water from a contaminated source
SummaryAn apparatus which can filtrate and disinfect sea water/ ship's ballast water -Based on a mechanical process that kills micro-organisms to the required levels, using hydrodynamic cavitation and rupture of cavities to kill micro-organisms -Can also be used in making potable drinking water from a contaminated source
Advantages-Eco-friendly as using hydrodynamic cavitations without using any chemicals, UV or ultrasound -No harmful by-products -Efficient disinfection technology -One of the best alternatives to current technology -Economical -Easily installed on the vessel- minimum area for installation as filtration and disinfection happen in a single equipment

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Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Date of upload 15 / Mar / 2013
Date of update 25 / Jul / 2013
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