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TitleValue added chemicals from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid(CNSL)
Knowhow is available forSpecialty monomers and polymers from CNSL that have wide ranging industrial and consumer applications
SummaryA range of difunctional monomers (dihalides, diacids, diisocyanates, diamines, diacyl hydrazides, diphenols, dialdehydes etc.) and polymer additives are produced utilizing 3-pendadecyl phenol derived from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) using CSIR-NCL's technology. A host of high-performance polymers (polyimides, polyamides, polyesters, poly(amide-imide)s etc.) can be prepared using the difunctional monomers mentioned above.
Advantages-High performance polymers produced from CNSL have improved processability -Produced from low cost raw materials that are widely available in India -Possibility of significant value addition on CNSL -Sustainable, renewable raw material source

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Scientific/ engineering subject areas Chemical sciences & engineering
Investor interest categories Materials Technology including Nanotechnology ; Rural/ Social Technology
Industries Polymers, Plastics, Elastomers, Fibers, Adhesives, Paints, Specialty Polymers, Natural Polymers, Fibers and Leather ; Agriculture, Agro-biotech, Agro-products, Fertilizers, Food processing & Secondary Agriculture
Customer categories and nature of business Businesses and other industries (B2B) ; Others
Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Date of upload 14 / Mar / 2013
Date of update 25 / Jul / 2013
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