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TitleNew Reverse Enteric Polymer (NREP)/Taste masking in drugs
Knowhow is available forA polymer that can be used in drug formulations for taste masking and custom release purposes.
SummaryA polymer (New Reverse Enteric Polymer (NREP)), which can be used in drug formulations, This polymer is: -responsive to changes in pH -hydrophobic, insoluble in water -can be used for taste-masking of drugs -can be used in drug formulations - designing custom release profiles
Advantages-Alternative Eudragit E (which is a proprietary) carrier material. -More versatile that Eudragit E

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Scientific/ engineering subject areas Chemical sciences & engineering
Investor interest categories Biotechnology/ Biomedical/ Health Technologies ; Materials Technology including Nanotechnology
Industries Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Formulations ; Medical Biotechnology, Biomed Products, Medical Healthcare, Diagnostics Polymers, Plastics, Elastomers, Fibers, Adhesives, Paints, Specialty Polymers, Natural Polymers, Fibers and Leather
Customer categories and nature of business Businesses and other industries (B2B) ; Others
Technology readiness levels TRL B: Proof-of-concept demonstrated in lab scale

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Published Patents
PhD Theses Thesis titled "Enhancing Bioavailability Of Drugs" by A.P. Menjoge, available in NCL intranet website; Can be provided on request
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Database record number 20130314025625
Date of upload 14 / Mar / 2013
Date of update 25 / Jul / 2013
URL to site when communicating about this knowhow http://nclinnovations.org/khdb/viewrecord.php?recordno=20130314025625
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