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TitleKnowhow is available forScientific/ engineering subject areasIndustriesWhether patents are part of this offering ?
Membrane purification of Palm Sap (Neera) A process for enhancement of shelf life of palm sap by using polymeric membranes to remove microbes and impurities Chemical sciences & engineering Agriculture, Agro-biotech, Agro-products, Fertilizers, Food processing & Secondary Agriculture No
Self standing nanoparticle networks/scaffolds with applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering, catalysis etc A novel process of preparing self standing nano particle networks with adjustable mesh size, prepared from various materials and having a wide variety of applications. The pore size ranges from nano to micro porous (500nm to 1mm) and is very precisely controllable Chemical sciences & engineering Medical Biotechnology, Biomed Products, Medical Healthcare, Diagnostics Yes
A single-step process for the preparation of highly pure alkyl esters used in making lactic acid, poly lactic acid A single-step process for preparation of highly pure alkyl esters, which is used in the manufacture of lactic acid and further to poly lactic acid – both with wide industrial and commercial applications Chemical sciences & engineering Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Formulations Yes


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