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A New method to synthesize anti malarial drug and its analogues called Flinderoles A simple and efficient procedure for the chemical synthesis of otherwise naturally derived compound called flinderole and its analogues, which can be used to prepare drugs against multiply resistant strains of the malarial parasite, plasmodium falciparum. The process will enable the user to produce the compounds in commercial quantities. Chemical sciences & engineering Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Formulations Yes
New Chemical Entities (NCE) for treatment of malaria and CNS disorders New Chemical Entities (NCE) that may be employed as potential leads to prepare antimalarial drugs or treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders Chemical sciences & engineering Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Formulations Yes
One pot process for the arylation of beta-dicarbonyl compounds to produce a diverse range of complex bioactive natural products A transition-metal-free, chemo-selective, one pot process for the C- arylation of malonamide esters at room temperature with good yield Chemical sciences & engineering Organic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Feedstocks Yes


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