Afforestation, Horticulture, Silviculture, Preservation of Endangered Species(IC01)
Bioseparation,Diagnostics (IC02A)
Bulk Drugs and Formulations(IC03)
Chromophoric Materials, Dyes, Pigments, Colorants (IC04)
Defense, Aerospace, Atomic Energy(Strategic)(IC05)
Electronics, Photonics, Magnetics(IC06)
Energy,Fuels (IC06A)
Feedstocks and Organic Chemicals (IC07)
Fertilizers (IC08)
Food Processing(IC09)
Industrial Biotechnology (IC010)
Inorganic and Hybrid Materials (IC011)
Inogranic Chemicals(IC012)
Medical Biotechnology,biomed products,Medical/healthcare (IC013)
Minerals, Metallurgy, Ceramics(IC015)
Natural Polymers, Fibers and Leather(IC016)
Natural Resources, Water, Environment, Sustainability(IC017)
Oil Refining(IC018)
Organic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Feedstocks (IC019)
Pesticides (IC021)
Plant Biotechnology(IC023)
Polymers & Commodity Plastics (IC024)
Polymers & Engineering Plastics (IC025)
Polymers & Elastomers(IC026)
Polymers & Lattices, Adhesives(IC027)
Polymers and Paints (IC028)
Polymers & Processing, Converting and Fabrication of End-Products (IC029)
Polymers & Specialty and Others (IC030)
Polymers & Synthetic Fibers (IC031)
Toiletries, Surfactants, Detergents (IC032)
Traditional Health Systems (IC033)
Transportation (IC034)
Work generic in nature and is relevant for several sectors (IC035)
Other Industries (IC036)